Below are our submission rules for Sep. 25th! (how boring) We’re sorry for having to be so specific, but we have to lay these out to ensure fairness throughout all attendees. Please refer to these and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

  • All projects will need:

    • Titles and/or Names for Project (as well as teams if not working as an individual)
    • Name(s) of all who worked on the project
    • A written description fo what the project is and how it works
    • Presenting team or individual is expected to present their project for 3-5 minutes to our Judges panel
      • (Expect a 3-5 minute discussion/question section for the project work once the presentation has concluded)
  • Absolutely NO double submissions **

    Any double submissions will not be considered in the Judging Process

  • All Projects MUST be submitted by the deadline listed on the DevPost BobHacks profile page

    • All submission times will be in Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    • *There are no exceptions to the Project deadline, as we must give Judges enough time to review the project before the begging of the presentation sessions


Teams MUST include their Github handles/repositories used for the project. We will use these to evaluate when the project work began to ensure no cheating during the event has taken place.

All members in every team MUST sign up to BobHacks from our Sign-Up Form to qualify the attendance as well as the project submission.